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It's not just a job. It's a passion. It's an art.


My Very First Wedding. (In Depth Look.)

How can I ever repay Nicole and Craig Jacobs for letting me be a part of there big day, and for giving me my first wedding ever! This is what really kicked off my wedding craze. Nicole knew I was a photographer in the making, and had asked me if I would like to photograph their wedding. Of course I did the wedding for free, because after all this was my very first wedding job. I was so nervous, I had never been in charge of such a big event, and I was scrambling to learn anything I could within a short time frame.

This will probably remain one of my top favorites of Nicole getting ready. I specifically love the clock in the background, because she’ll look back on this and remember exactly what time it was that she was getting ready to marry her best friend. :)

Of course my style has changed a lot over the past few years. I know exactly what I want, and how to execute it.  I just have a love and passion for weddings, what can I say? ^_^ Getting to tell someone’s story of how they fell in love through photos is the best reward of my job.

Tips for first time wedding goers:

**Make sure you practice, practice, practice your craft every single day at some point in the day! Practice DOES make a difference.

**Create a shot list even before you book your first wedding. You’ll know exactly what you want, and it’ll boost your confidence up. :)

**CONFIDENCE! I can’t express how much this will help you. Just be confident in your abilities, and ease your clients mind. Don’t get cocky now, just be confident that you can exceed your clients expectations!

**Don’t over promise! Don’t promise what you can’t deliver! This is crucial in not just photography, but will pertain to your whole career and life! :)

**Take charge of the day! Now don’t get all bossy on everyone, but let them know you are the photographer for that day. I’ve ran into situations like this multiple times! Tell the bride and groom to just make sure everyone knows your going to be on as the photographer that day. Plus this is where your shot list will come in handy in the client meeting…make sure to ask them if it would be okay to take them aside after the ceremony and spend 15min. getting the whole bridal party, then the guests can come and take photos with their cameras. ^_^ Just remember ask politely, don’t get all bossy on everyone!

                                                                                      Love always,


Specializing Vs. Mom & Pop

The big question for anyone starting a new business is should I specialize or should I do it all(mom & pop)?? I am a specialty business, meaning I’m going to specialize in Engagements and Weddings. For me it’s easier to focus on one area of expertise, and wanting to give my clients something more. I’m a natural light engagement and wedding photographer.

I absolutely gush about both of these, because they are such a joyous occasion!! ^_^ Just watching the bride glowing as she’s walking down the aisle, sneaking a peek at the groom while she’s floating towards him, etc. These are not even the tip of what I love about photographing weddings. It’s such an honor to be able to photograph someone’s big day.

Stay tuned for an in depth look into a couple of my weddings I’ve done! :)

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Lighting, Lighting, Lighting!

I’m a natural light photographer, and working with light is not always easy, but it can yield beautiful rewards.


I choose to work with natural light, because I didn’t like the results I was getting from flash. Some people are an absolute wiz with flash, and I can only hope to learn more from those people. :) However, I’m more comfortable being a natural light photographer, while most shy away from ever learning about it. I do what most photographers are afraid to do, and that is go out in the middle of the day and shoot.

It’s all about making the light work for you, and not the other way around. This is most important for a wedding photographer, because more often than not you’ll be shooting outside in broad daylight. So why not learn how to make it work for you?? :)

Of course every photographers favorite lighting is the golden hour lighting(which is sunset/sunrise). Below are a couple of examples of photos I’ve done in sunset. :)



If you look back at this blog, you can see some wedding work I’ve done that were taken in broad daylight.

I’ve also been bold enough to shoot indoors without having any flash at all. I’m might get some flack for that, but then again this is my business. :) I’m a risk taker, and not afraid to take that leap of faith! :) (and yes I really do smile a lot, like all of the smileys I have posted on my blog. :) )

Thank you all so much for reading! :)

Stay tuned to the next installment!

                                                                                           Love always,


The Art of a Wedding

This is what I want to be doing full time, is weddings and engagements plus doing conceptual work! :) My plate will be full, but it’s what I love doing the most in the photography world.

Weddings are something I cherish. They are beautiful, surprising, and mostly nontraditional these days. Although I do love the traditional weddings, I also love the nontraditional ceremonies as well. I guess you could say my favorite part of the wedding is………………….well………….all of it!

I feel like I am so different from the other photographers in my area. I don’t like charging by the hour or for my hours, so I basically have a flat rate when it comes to my fee. I’m probably going to get a lot of flack for that, but it’s the way I choose to conduct business, and it’s what’s right for my particular business.

I love to capture the natural interaction between a couple or just the natural interaction with a single person. I guess you could say that’s my specialty, and what I love to capture. The art of it is making into something people want to see again, and again! :)

It’s what I love, it’s what I do, and I hope to see you soon!

                                                                                           Love always,